Having been born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in San Diego, California, Dianne Schechter was taught at a young age how important it is to take care of your skin.

Dianne has regularly seen dermatologists and estheticians since the sixth grade when she began to develop severe cystic acne.  She is no stranger to skin issues and skincare products and has tried virtually everything under the sun to get her acne under control. 

Prior to becoming an esthetician, nothing Dianne tried for her acne worked and eventually she succumbed to taking Accutane. This experience allowed her to really dive into the world of skincare and she has been enthusiastically exploring it ever since! 

Dianne earned her Bachelor’s Degree and Paralegal Certificate at the University of San Diego. A few years later, Dianne went back to school and earned her Master’s Degree in History at the University of San Diego.

After working as a paralegal for 9 years, Dianne felt like something was missing in her professional life.  

In 2019 Dianne realized she had been giving skincare advice, tips, and product recommendations to her friends and family for years and she really enjoyed it.  She decided it was time to turn her favorite hobby into a career.  She obtained her esthetician license and opened up her own business so that she could help as many people as possible achieve the beautiful skin that they deserve.

Continuity Skincare's mission

In a world where we tend to be our own worst critics, Continuity Skincare wants to help you become your own best critic. Through education and customized care, discover how you can take care of your skin, achieve your goals, and create a safe space where self love takes center stage.

Continuity Skincare believes in progress over perfection. Dianne will help you understand what to expect as you begin to make real skincare progress and will help and encourage you to find ways to show yourself grace as you move towards your skincare goals.

Continuity Skincare understands that each client's skin is very different. Dianne specializes in customizing treatments and ensures each treatment is individualized to help you get your best skin possible.